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  1. Simin Rupa

    Adriana wow! This is in incredible idea!!

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    1. adriana silvestre

      Thank you Simin.

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  2. luke pereira

    H Adriana, thanks for the inspiration on creating this wonderful, up and running venture which was true to your heart. Your curious spirit of thinking about the kids made it worth while to develop and also use your technical expertise to focus on careers not only for kids but adults too.

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    1. adriana silvestre

      Thank you Luke.

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  3. SallyB

    Hi Adriana- here is my detailed review of “Career Uncover”:

    • Such a great, relatable ‘pain point’. I used to complain about this VERY problem in my younger days (frequentyl) and I still get flashes of annoyance when someone describes an interesting job and think “How does anyone ever figure out this is something they can get paid for?”. This has been a huge gap for a while and I can envision the solution being valuable well beyond the audience you’ve targeted.
    • Your “influences on career pathway” slide was clear and relatable

    • I love that the solution is a platform that uses videos, algorithms and machine learning similar to TikTok which I expect would keep it engaging and low barrier to entry. Yet there are additional levels of engagement via the simulated internships and the counselor’s version of the app.

    • You clearly articulated how “Career Uncover” is different.
    • The competition seems much more “formal” and assessment focused. I really like your emphasis on exploration instead. Another good partner for a project like this might be something like Master Class (The streaming platform where you subscribe and get access to videos (“classes”) taught by “the world’s best”).

    • I love how you’ve combined the videos with simulated internships because I think this neatly targets two different groups: causal browsers, and more serious career searchers.
    • Your focus is on schools and school districts as the buyers (I think), but I definitely think this platform could have MUCH wider appeal given how few people settle into a single career anymore. In fact, this platform has some similarities with Michael’s “Virtual Reality trades Discovery” – could be a partnership there in the future! 😉 Smart, I think, to start with schools, and expand from there.

    • You did a great job describing yourself, your background and inspiration for the product. The partnership with Sokano also lends credibility and security to the venture.

    • A bit unclear how much your asking for and what next steps are. I hear you though, in your reflection, with regards to the business side of things and “where to start”; I feel the exact same way. I assume the revenue for this venture would be a subscription?


    • Your elevator pitch was great, and I think it could be stronger if narrated. (though this may be a personal preference)
    • I wish your venture description was earlier than slide 8, on the 3rd page of your website. I was in awe of your incredibly professional website (I’m still not 100% sure if this isn’t a real product…I searched for it on the play store!) but it was a bit confusing without an upfront description of exactly what I was looking at.

    What an amazing idea. Honestly, I could see myself signing up just out of curiosity (if it was cheap enough OR there was a free version). And I would definitely consider investing if I had the means to do so. There are so many partnership opportunities and ways to expand in the future.

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  4. Josh Wood

    REVIEW – Adriana, well done! Your pain point is something that resonates with me as I have worked with many young people who could have benefited from any idea like yours. Creating an engaging platform that is clearly different from competitors’ offerings would help so many students find a career path. You have done a great job showing the opportunity in this market, with BC making significant investments into career education. One suggestion for improvement would be your elevator pitch. As school boards would be potential customers, could this video be targeted to them? Perhaps sharing a narrative about schools helping students find their path in life, rather than the pitch speaking directly to students.

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  5. Adrian Granchelli

    Hi Adriana,
    Beautiful website and Career Uncover targets such an important problem! Using TikTok as inspiration is such a great way to reach the high school audience. Bottom lin, I wish something like this, including a jobs simulator, etc., existed when I was in high school.

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  6. Menghan Guo

    Hi, Adriana. Thanks for sharing an excellent idea with us. Same with you. I had considered launching a business that would assist students in learning about the industry and give them some guidelines for choosing a major or career before. Students should learn about each major and decide if it is the career route they wish to pursue. Too many parents have asked their children to choose “good job-hunting majors; however, their children have taken up a completely different job since they dislike the major and future jobs. All of this is due to a lack of information about each industry.
    Suggestions for the business you started: I think your introduction is quite comprehensive, and I enjoy it. If you want to help students better grasp the industry, I believe the online merge offline models can be used. Cooperation with some companies in different fields, for example, can give students some opportunities for summer internships or corporate visits.
    PS. There are three pages in Part 3 of the Venture Pitch Profile with the identical content “Pain point.”

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  7. Feras Alachek

    Hi Adriana. I am impressed with how authentic and professional this website looks. I know for a fact that the core idea of this venture is a life changer for many students. Many teenagers fail to realize that their passion can actually be their academic specialty because there is a program out there where they can skillfully and passionately pursue it. Furthermore, many students change fields because the academic experience they have had is not as expected. As for the presentation, the elevator pitch is catchy and concise, and the venture pitch is well-constructed. The idea of a simulated internship is intriguing although I wonder how feasible it can be. On a different note, I do feel that there is some repetition in the content on the possible roles, social media features, and the rationale (pain point) of the venture. I am not sure but on one of the slides, click on Career Uncover took me to this page https://www.explorelearning.com/index.cfm?method=cCorp.dspAbout#2
    I did not understand the link. I was super curious to see a sample video of career simulation or talk to help me visualize the idea. I would also like to add that I noticed that you have many competitors in the market, what makes Career Uncover stand out amongst those companies?
    I have a concern about the quality and accuracy of the career talks. In other words, one field might sound or seem more interesting than another simply because the presentation is more comprehensive or attractive. How do you guarantee that each domain is accurately reflected? Are there standards or guidelines for sharing?
    I know I have posed many questions, but your venture is a great endeavour, and I would definitely invest in it.

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  8. Connie Sim

    Hi Adriana, your venture pitch is impressive! I love your idea on helping students discover their potential dream job. Choosing a clear career path has always been a pain point that is difficult to address. As you alluded to, career education in school may not be as effective as what we hoped for. Therefore, a platform such as Career Uncover is definitely a major help! Alike others, I am amazed by the website’s authentic and professional look. Partnering with Sokanu is also a great idea- I believe the partnership will put Career Uncover into the spotlight in addition to Career Uncover’s brand recognition. The only question I have as a potential investor would be, what would be the approximate time frame for my Return of Investment? I would be interested in seeing some numbers that I could work with. Having said that, if I were an investor, I am in!

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  9. Lyon Tsang

    Hi Adriana, something like this would be a huge asset to students in higher education — and even their advisors! I’m curious if you’ve given any thought to how employers might become more involved with the platform over time. I can definitely see some being eager to generate their own videos and promote their own workplaces — on the other hand, I guess there could be concerns with companies excessively advertising themselves or demanding more access to user data…

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  10. markmpepe

    Hi Adriana, this is a fantastic pitch! I really wish I had something like this to navigate career paths. When I was in high school I had to ask people in the professions, and a lot of times I didn’t know anyone in the fields I was interested in. This is something special because it gives access to young students to see what the career they’re curious about is like. Not only that, it’s easy for them to access. Well done! – Mark

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  11. paul johnson

    Hello Adriana. I enjoyed the professional look and presentation of your pitch. I did notice a spelling error in the slideshow.

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