ETEC 522 Intro

Hi everyone, my name is Jerry and I’m excited to embark in this course with you all! I’m a high school teacher in the Burnaby School District in BC. My background is in business (accounting) but I currently teach mostly computer classes at my school. This is my 5th course in MET. Through this course, I hope to learn more about the process of turning an idea into a product/ service and specifically looking at innovative learning technologies.

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  1. SafaaAbuSaa

    Nice meeting you, Jerry!

    Those are such great and clear goals you have, and your background will surely be helpful.
    I look forward to learning with and from you.

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  2. Petros Katsigiannis

    Hello Jerry!

    As an educator myself, I also look forward to looking, learning and applying innovative learning technologies in my classroom. I am really anticipating the opportunity to learn about various ventures I can branch out to and hopefully one day create an innovative product that can be beneficial towards educators and students academic learning experience. Do you have an idea in mind, or do you hope to come up with one after the duration of this course?

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