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Global Silicon Valley (GSV) is a private “growth investment platform powering the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, and emerging growth hubs.” In simpler terms, GSV identifies and invests in innovative leaders throughout the global tech market.

GSV Ventures is their global learning technologies investment stream, where they share insights into the global learning landscape, and each year they release their GSV EDTECH 150 list, where they identify the top 150 companies that are “leading the growth in EdTech, while finding innovative and scalable ways to serve learners around the world.” The 2022 list can be found here, along with a short article on Medium by a team member here.

Although you will find that many of the other resources within the Forum provide more detailed analyses of the EdTech market, GSV’s insights and articles share information on the most transformational EdTech companies of our time, and where a large portion of the market dollars are being funnelled. GSV is certain their GSV EdTech 150 companies (selected from over 3,000 companies globally) will “reach ~3 billion people, or close to half of the global population, and generate approximately $20 billion in revenue.” So take a browse and look further into some of these companies – they may be shaping the future of learning technologies and could be worth keeping an eye on.

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  1. Jocelyn

    Hi Kendal,
    Thanks for sharing the list. Admittedly, I was hesitant at first when I saw that it was a private company wondering how relevant the criteria for assessment would be given their main goal would be to make a profit. The article was clear in its methodology in the selection process and scoring system- with an emphasis placed on revenue and top growth. Whilst these are useful measures in some sense, I wonder how one might measure the effectiveness of these ventures in learning outcomes. Scrolling through the list, I came to realize how few of these companies I’m actually familiar with!

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    1. Kendal

      Thanks for your comments, Jocelyn. I understand your hesitation and also am cautious of taking information from private companies at face value. I’m glad you were able to look into their selection process a little bit and see some value there (I also am unfamiliar with most of the companies listed!). I see this as being a resource for those wanting to see what up-and-coming companies are making a mark in the sector, and as a sort of catalogue to investigate some new ventures that maybe aren’t on the map yet, and what they are getting up to. Great question about measuring their effectiveness in learning outcomes! It would be interesting if GSV had a follow-up series to report out on impact of previously high-ranked companies, for example, but not sure how that would fit into their investment or business model (:

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