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  1. Katie M

    I also enjoy using Flipgrid in my classroom and am particularly impressed that they are moving into the world of immersive experiences. Augmented reality is an amazing next step to ensure that students continue to find the experience of sharing videos online regarding and exciting. I like your idea of using Flip for theatre exercises such as monologues and wonder if a whole show could be staged through this platform using AR.

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  2. Liana

    Flipgrid has seen much growth in the education space, especially through the remote learning times during Covid. This space allows students to engage more meaningfully with their peers using multimodal forms of communication. Charles demonstrates the importance of learning being experiential through Flipgrid as well as his other ventures such as the Passport app. I agree with his approach to learning being an experience and through the collaborative nature of Flipgrid, I can see the benefit of its growth and integration in all levels of education.

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  3. Richard Derksen

    I first came across Flipgrid precisely because it’s a Microsoft Office application. It was easily accessible on Microsoft Teams when I was in higher education, and we began using it in an extra-curricular mentorship program during the pandemic. Given the circumstances at the time, this felt like the perfect tool to try and form some semblance of connection for new international students coming to Canada.

    Miller’s quote about content equalling experience I think paves a strong vision for viability. It’s likely one of the reasons Microsoft decided to buy them and why they continue to innovate into different spaces like AR. Charles Miller understanding the importance of UI and having a background to support this makes him a great role model for an entrepreneur.

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