MIT Podcast on AI in Education

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  1. Simon Worley

    “You have to be pedalling hard, just to stay still.” – Anant Agarwal.

    As a podcast addict, it was nice to have this one recommended. This was a great conversation Anant Agarwal. He said some points of note during the podcast that I’d like to discuss. First off, the concept of ‘upskilling’ is real, as AI will upend so many professions in the coming decade that if you don’t modify and learn how to integrate it into your current position, you might be left on the unemployment line. I remember reading that many government positions and occupations such as law will be forever changed when AI is harnessed and used to replace to work of millions of employees. Anant felt that there will be over 1 billion jobs that will transform in the next ten years and I don’t think he is wrong. We are at a time where the old adage ‘adopt or die’ has never been more appropriate.
    The discussion turned to AI tutors and how they may take on a teaching role and can be personalized to the learner and their style of learning. We have been trying to cater to the individual rather than the class for decades now, but AI will take this to a whole new level. The Khan Academy is already doing this with Khanmigo, basically a personal co-pilot for the user. They have published great results and their AI looks to support a student rather than simply spitting out an answer.
    The democratization of education was a big talking point in the later half of the podcast, with the rise of MOOCs clearly showing that free online courses are on the rise and help to bring higher education to the masses. Education will no longer be exclusive!
    Something that rubbed me the wrong way was when Anant spoke about the Core Principals of AI, and how his EdX business formed this principals and try to work and live by them. The problem with this notion is that businesses should not be left alone to police themselves, as their number one core principal will always be the same, and that this, no matter what else you do, you must MAKE MONEY! Businesses answer to stakeholders who are looking to profit on their investment. There needs to be government policies in place so that these businesses aren’t left to their own devices, as that is how Skynet is created!

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