Week #4 – Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Thanks everyone for the new Pitch Pool candidates, reviews and recommendations during our Analyst Bootcamp.  I hope you had a chance to look under the cover and see the people behind the ideas.  It’s all about people in the long run.

This new week offers the mirror opportunity with an introduction to the ideas and processes behind creating a new venture. We’ve put the Entrepreneur Bootcamp back-to-back with the Analyst Bootcamp because the two roles work with an identical cognitive structure – the essential components of a viable venture – from completely different perspectives.

An analogy with music may be useful.  The relationship between Analysts and Entrepreneurs is somewhat like the relationship between Music Critics and Composers.  We tend to believe that a thorough immersion in music theory would be invaluable to success as a Critic or Composer, but in neither case is a formal background in theory the only path to success.  Many analysts and more entrepreneurs somehow acquire a natural understanding of venture theory.  Others are gifted or just plain lucky.

The activity for this week is another exercise in content curation – the Founders Parade.   This time you will be authoring the original content  that will be curated, as well as rating, reviewing and recommending content authored by your peers.  You will author an original post in the Founders Parade (please be sure to post it there using that Category) – a cameo introducing a real-world learning technologies entrepreneur.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you’re unsure.

Once again, I appreciate your attention to curatorial activities: discovering how you can best find new content and/or add value to existing content in the content stream. I note that a few of you are still not taking the time to embellish your posts with a Feature Image, yet you can probable see how much appeal such an image can build for you.

Finally, you all should be well underway with your A1 assignments by now (please ask me if you have any questions about these) and your A2 Emerging Market Teams should be meeting and working together (questions welcome on that assignment as well).

Have a great week,