A1 Grading Complete

Just a note that you should all have your Assignment #1 responses and grades back to you via email by now.  Please let me know immediately if not, or if you have any questions or concerns.

In general, your first assignments were done very well.  I know that for the vast majority of you this is unfamiliar territory, but you’ve demonstrated that you are able, intrepid explorers.  I really appreciate getting critical analyses of emerging ventures and technologies through your eyes.  The range of ventures being analysed was awesome!

A few of you were still struggling with the difference between an “investor” and a “customer”.  I hope this is clearer now, but don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re looking for further clarification. Some of you as well couldn’t contain your enthusiasm for the subject of your analysis, and strayed into less objective and independently critical territory.

If I have a single recommendation, it is to think hard about the medium and context for your work in these assignments, especially from the perspective of what you can imagine as the expectations of your intended audience. You can use any medium and format, of course, yet it is more difficult with some to be effective.  For example, using a traditional website design for A1 is certainly possible, but these can easily become more informational and even pedantic rather than a vehicle of a focused analytic argument.  As you come to make your ‘pitch’ in A3, imagine how you can be most persuasive.