Ending on a happy note – week 13

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As we’ve discussed in class, it’s important to not always “end on a heavy note.” Though it has proven difficult in the context of our classroom discussions in LAST 100, there are, in fact, many positive vibrant dynamic events people movements happening in Latin America. To focus entirely on the negative conflict-riddenness or violent aspects of Latin America is to only tell one story about such a vast and diverse continent and its peoples. Further, this single story of damage threatens to make invisible the actual lives of Latin Americans, who have their own celebrations, festivals and everyday happinesses.

In reflecting on this course, it is important to keep this in mind. Oftentimes, the narratives of Latin America have been dictated by western media and western power figures, downtrodding on the agency of Latin Americans to define themselves autonomously and in their own way. I would challenge students of LAST 100 to engage in local media and artists to delve deeper into the Latin American identity, while engaging in efforts to decolonize the image of Latin America as it is projected to the world.