French Pronunciation Module

Dear language learners,

Welcome to the French Pronunciation Training Module. Here, you will be working on vowel backness. You will have an opportunity to see the contrast between words containing /i/, /y/, and /u/.

For a better understanding, open this IPA vowel chart in a separate browser to observe the correct height and backness:

Each module has the following for each word:

  • Video of a native speaker pronouncing a word
  • A freeze frame which allows you to observe and replicate the tongue position
  • The word written French
  • The word written in IPA
  • The word written in English
  • An image for visual cues

The modules will start with the vowel the frontmost vowel, followed by vowels that extend further back in order. Therefore, your first module will be /i/, followed by /y/, and concluded by /u/. All of these vowels are high vowels.

Please begin by watching the video at the bottom of this page for some information on basics of pronunciation.