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Book of Odds

The Book of Odds is an online statistical encyclopedia which will launch October 14, 2009.  Although not specifically  about government publications the topics do include statistics about politics as well as health, accidents, and relationships.  Here are some examples:

  • The average American is more likely to live without ever visiting a dentist than to live without a TV in her home.
  • A married man is about as likely to cheat on his wife as he is to experience a flight delay.

From the New York Times:  “The Book of Odds is a searchable online database of “odds statements,” the probabilities of everyday life. You can search it by keyword or by the odds themselves— for instance, how many things stand a 1 in 142 chance of happening to to you. As a special treat for Freakonomics readers, you can try the beta version of the site by clicking here and entering the username “brownian” and password “motion.”… Some of the items you’ll find include:

Read the full NYT article here

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