Get to know us


Stephanie Marcil

Major: International Nutrition

Interest: Food security, sustainable development, fair trade food systems, women empowerment, and the amazing ability of the human body!


Soohyun Cheon

Major: Food, Nutrition, and Health Science

Interest: international nutrition (food insecurity), sustainability of environment (eating local, composting), and impact of nutrition/nutrients on health.


Melpatkwa Matthew

Major: Global Resource Systems with a focus in Indigenous Health

Interest: Indigenous people, community health, and food sovereignty.


Sumire Sasayama

Major: Food, Nutrition and Health

Interest: Sustainable development, food system sustainability, and nutrition in medical context (health).


Su Thazin Thin

Major: Food, Nutrition, and Health

Interest: Healing powers of nutrition, food science, sustainable development of food products, food security, and food safety.


Marina Moon

Major: Nutritional Sciences

Interest: Food science, international nutrition, product development and food safety.