Apple’s Speedy Response to Ethical Concerns

Say hello to the NEW iPhone 5c!

Apple fans, such as myself, now enticingly await for the arrival of the iPhone 5C/5S. But will even the most loyal of apple fans continue to support Apple with the knowledge that the prestigious company is indirectly responsible for unethical worker-abuse in one of its supply chains? Jabil Circuit, an Apple supplier in China is involved with “hiring discrimination, overcrowding, poor training, mandatory overtime — three times in excess of legal limits — and the withholding of overtime pay”. These issues certainly raises a red flag and if it is not dealt with, it may affect the popularity of Apple’s latest series of iPhones.

Luckily for Apple and its strong corporate image, this ethical concern was dealt with in a speedy manner for Jabil is “taking immediate action to ensure recent allegations are thoroughly investigated and, if found to be credible, corrected”. It is smart for Apple to give the public some knowledge that they are doing their best to resolve their labour-violation concerns because it strengthens their brand loyalty, brand awareness and becomes a good reference for their corporate social responsibility culture.



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