Week 8 Response

Before I finish my blog, I just wanted to say that I had a bit of a harder time understanding this weeks subject. I was even debating writing this post after the class just so I could get a better grasp on the topic. Also, midterm season has taken a bit of a toll on me which is why I am a bit late on uploading this blog. Anyways, this is my take on the signs of crisis in a gilded age:

This week, we learned mostly about the Mexican Revolution. The video by Alec Dawson was very interesting and informative, however I do not feel fully confident in my knowledge about the subject. As I understand it, there were three main groups in the revolution who fought to maintain a strong political stance. This includes the Zapatistas and Agrarians, the Villistas, and the Old Guard.

The Zapatistas and the Agrarians were a group consisting of mostly indigenous peoples and mestizos. After having their land illegally taken away from them in Central and Southern Mexico, they were eager to reclaim what was once theirs. The Villistas were people who wanted lo live a free life, which was taken away as modernity took place in Mexico. On the other hand, the Old Guard was made up of upperclass people who benefited from Díaz’s reign, and are wanting to maintain their higher standard of life. All three of these parties fought between each other during the Mexican revolution.

Something I found particularly interesting was how the Zapatistas were the very first guerrilla campaign to actually use the Internet, as mentioned by Alec Dawson in his lecture video. This really surprised me, as I imagined the Zapatistas as a “lower-class” group of people who might not have had access to such things at the time. I believe this is a good example of how modernity can effectively influence everyone, no matter their social class.

Once again, I apologize for the rather boring blog post. I hope to learn more throughout the week, and perhaps modify my post a bit to add more content.

My question for the class is as follows:

We learned last week about Porfirio Díaz and how many Mexicans lost their land due to international investors. Were the Mexicans that lost their land the ones who became the Zapatistas and Agrarians? Might sound like a stupid question, just looking for clarification.


3 thoughts on “Week 8 Response

  1. Lourdes Kletas

    I also found it very interesting how the Zapatistas were the first guerilla group to use the internet. I did not know about this and so it was very intriguing. I agree that this is definitely an example of modernity aiding in the advancement of ideas.

  2. sabeeha manji

    Interesting post! And totally agree- this week has taken a toll on everybody but hopefully it goes smoothly throughout the rest of the year. Good analysis on the Zapatistas and the Agrarians. With regard to the question posed: I guess it could have been both because at the time there were people that were pro diaz and others pro zapatista.

  3. Sophie Chevalier

    Hi! I was also interested in the fact that the Zapatistas were the first guerilla group to use the internet. It’s fascinating to see what can be done with technology nowadays and in what ways it’s being used.


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