My desire to lead
Is born from adversity
And personal revelations
About the capacity for an individual to change.

My faith
Is nourished
By the ever present Gitchi Manitou
Whom instills seeds of wisdom
And rainfalls of abundance.
The abundance is triggered by a belief,
A belief in the unknown,
A belief in the unseen forces that want to do good through me.

My life is a reflection
Of the infinite intelligence
That resides within each of us.
The Creator hears a genuine prayer
And seeks me out.
For I,
I beam the light of truth and compassion for my people.
The compounded efforts of my sweat, blood, and tears will move mountains,
Overcome any obstacles,
And fulfill the 7 fires prophecy.

I will lead a cultural revolution,
I will bring back the ways of my ancestors,
I will make them proud.

Shawn Shabaquay
Anishinaabe Nation

Shawn Shabaquay is Anishinaabe from Wabigoon Lake First Nation. He is a 3rd year student at UBC majoring in Sociology and minoring in FN Studies. He is also the President of the Indigenous Students Association and is currently working on bringing more culturally relevant events on campus.


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