I am a casualty by Crystal Smith de Molina

I dive into the ocean

Submerging myself in beauty

The soft bed rocks beneath me

The sweet sound of songs

From whales near by

The scuttling of king crab

And chatter of school fish

I dove into Beauty…

As I opened my eyes

I saw nothing

And felt everything

I was choking

I rose from the water; which was supposed to embrace my body

Yet it entangled me

And I could not break free

I was covered in thick darkness

My whole body felt ill

The slick oil slithered down my throat

Into my lungs it crept

Every branch of air engulfed in dirty oil

My heart pumping

My heart slowing as oil reaches it

My blood flowing

My blood weighed down and blocked by oil

I am dying

My body is filled with oil

They try and save me

Cleaning my outer limbs

But how will they clean my heart

Which weeps black tears

How will I breathe?

 When oil has contaminated my lungs

I am nothing

But a casualty of blind greed

Collateral damage

Money before life

Oil before water

Country “benefits” before citizens

Growth before stability

I am dead

But at least they tried to save me?

Crystal Smith de Molina is from the Tsimshian and Haisla Nation and has been a resident of Vancouver for ten years. She is married and has two wonderful children. Crystal is a full-time student at the University of British Columbia in NITEP (Native Indian Teacher Bachelor of Education Program). 

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