New Beginnings A Success


The First Nation Studies Student Association would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm surrounding our ‘New Beginnings’ Blog Launch. The event honoured the First Nations Studies Program and also introduced the xʷnaʔələmxʷ sχəχi:ls Journal and blog you’re currently reading (the Indigenous Studies Undergraduate Blog)! Thanks to the dedication of the FNSSA Execs, Journal and Blog teams, a night of celebration was shared with a full house at the Rhizome Café.  The evening began with notable speeches, followed by an exciting dialogue over what the community was interested in seeing in the journal and blog. The responses were overwhelming and our thanks go out to those in the community that shared their thoughts with us.

Our team put in a lot of love and dedication to create an event to showcase our blog that supports the voices of undergraduate students at UBC. This event was only the beginning however, and now that we are launched, we wish to encourage anyone who wants to share their work to submit to the blog or to the first addition of the Indigenous Studies Undergraduate Journal.

We would also like to extend our thanks to the many people that helped make this event possible. To Rhizome Café for their amazing hospitality and delicious food, to the First Nation Studies Program at UBC, to Alexandra (Allie) Downing for her photographs of the event, to all those that shared their work with us and for everyone that made an appearance despite the exasperating rain. We hold our hands up to you for  inspiring us in our pursuits and interests in Indigenous academia.

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