To recognize trickster by Crystal Smith de Molina

To recognize trickster

Trickster was a crafty spirit
Shape shifting
He took many forms in the past
Raven, coyote, …
In the past he was

In the present he is
Today we look around
His face all around
He is inside our bodies
He hides behind our eyes
Hides behind our eyes
Our eyes

We see stereotypes through our eyes
We look at others and Judge
Judge their looks
Apply the appropriate stereotype
Act according to that stereotype

It is that trickster that creates stereotypes
He creates them within our eyes
So we see nothing but them
A clever spirit ready to create problems
Ready to separate
Ready to judge
Ready to fight

However we are clever
We are wise
We know right from wrong
We know what hurts
Know suffering
Know pain
Know bad judgment

And we know that no is different than know
That we should say no suffering
No pain
No judgement
And know right from wrong
We should take it upon ourselves to know people
To love people
To cherish our lives with each other
And to walk with soft steps
To recognize trickster
To pull that clever spirit from our bodies
To clean our eyes with truth
To know ourselves

It is up to us to know trickster
And to say no more
To be idle no more
To remember the true purpose
Of tricksters actions
Which is to teach
To become knowledgeable
To say no to stereotypes
And to know each other

Crystal Smith de Molina


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