In our students’ words

“The project was very engaging and I enjoyed applying what I had learned in class to a creative project. By writing my own poem and learning about Italian poetry, I was able to make deeper connections with the language.” (Chloe)

“I could also continually sense a strong feeling of community both within UBC and the Italian community with Il Centro. It was amazing to have my classmates and I attend events outside of normal lectures .” (Adam)

“I learned how my poetry changes from one language to another, but also how similar my ‘voice’ is. No matter the language, there is a part of me that shares how I experience the world in my own unique way.” (Clea)

“Writing the poem in Italian gave me the opportunity to describe my feelings without overthinking my descriptions or wording as I would in English, and reflect on my limited understanding as someone who experienced a new dominant language through immigration.” (Allie)

“I did enjoy the three Webinars organized by il Centro; it was quite a unique experience that one can only get at UBC.” (Hanan)

“Doing this project in collaboration with Il Centro helped what we learn in class feel more connected to the wider Italian community, which I think is important when learning a new language.” (Ananya)

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