Whatever? Anything?

What do you like to drink? Anything? What do you like to drink? Whatever? Ever heard such replies when you decide to offer someone a drink? Well, let me present to you the ……

These are real beverages sold in the Singapore market.  Every beverage has a generic design, ensuring that consumers are unaware of the flavour of the purchased beverage until they drink it.

I’d just thought it is pretty interesting how this concept came about. Basically, the managing director of this product often had friends over at home or at a coffee shop, and when he asks them if there is a drink they would like to consume, replies would usually be ‘anything’ or ‘whatever’. This concept was then developed into a unique Singapore beverage.

Indeed, a really ‘special’ product the marketers had created. They had actually taken into consideration the Singaporean culture (because it is common that Singaporeans do answer with a ‘whatever’ or ‘anything), and targeted the market using a trait of that country.

YouTube Preview Image

Check it out: http://www.anything.com.sg/

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