Allow me to introduce myself:

You look lost. Can I help you with something?

Oh, you’re here to meet me? Really? That’s new. Well, congratulations: mission accomplished. No?

If you’d like a proper introduction,  I’m afraid one doesn’t exist; but if you try next door at my friend — still no? Wow. Alright, I suppose I will try my best if you’re really interested.

Let me begin by saying hello. Nice to meet you. My name is Iva. You may recognize me as the person who skateboards to school and eats cold lentils for lunch using the container lid as a utensil because she is too lazy to wait in line to get her food microwaved and is too disorganized to remember to bring a fork. I spent way too much time writing this post when I should have been studying. If that doesn’t sum me up well enough, please don’t be angry. If you really want to know more about me, I will try to post more things later on (unless I happen to forget, which is the most likely scenario). For now, I must go attempt to read Genesis and Fear and Trembling while I wait longingly for dinner time so that I can procrastinate some more.

Until then,


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