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Student Videos

I watched four student videos, Independence Narratives, Past and Present, Brazilian Slavery and Abolition, Power of the People, and Speaking Truth to Power. Although all videos were unique and interesting, I found some more engaging than others. By analyzing the different styles each video creator used, I think I was able to get a gist of how to create a video where the viewer can obtain as much information as possible in a short period.

Independence Narratives, Past and Present was very impressionable. The format differed greatly from other videos and was interesting to watch. However, all the movement was a bit distracting and focusing on the topic of independence in Latin America.

I was most drawn to the content of Speaking Truth to Power. Since I had absolutely no knowledge about the roles women played in political movements in Latin America, it was fascinating to learn about Las Madres and EZLN. Also, being informed of large number of women murdered in Mexico in 2018 was very shocking. Overall, The video was educational but i felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount of facts and data I was getting in just nine minutes.

The videos I found to be the most informative was Power of the People and Brazilian Slavery and Abolition. The two had just the right amount of information and used video clips and imagery very effectively. If i had to pick one video as my favorite out if the two, it would be the former. I think the video clips they used helped me visualize the information I was given, such as how wildly obsessed the people of Argentina were about the Perrons. I also think the tone and speed of the narrator made the whole video much easier to understand.

In conclusion, I think there are 3 key factors to making a educational and enjoyable video for viewers.

  1. sticking to a specific theme so the viewers don’t feel flooded with information
  2. using visuals wich give dimension to the provided information
  3. speaking in a speed and tone to engage the viewrs

I enjoyed watching these videos and in the process, found more topics I would like to learn about through LAST100, such as Feminisim in Latin America. I hope by the end of this term I myself will be able to make a video which can make future students taking this course feel excited to learn about Latin American politics, history, culture and much more!