News from Radio Progreso, La Ceiba: 17 Environmental activists treated as criminals.

Activists who participated in the Guapinol resistance camp against the mining company Inversiones de Pinares (June-Aug 2018) have been detained. While they voluntarily presented themselves at the court to address their charge of ‘usurpation’ they were surprisingly told that there are new charges against them including: arson, theft, deprivation of liberty and illegal association.

The 17 environmentalists are currently detained at a courthouse in Tegucigalpa.

News Report by Diario Colon, HONDURAS – February 11, 2019 (video)

Emergence of a paramilitary group on the property Paso Aguan, Department of Colon: a member of the Movimiento Campesino Gregorio Chavez explains that the peasant movement engaged in land-recovery  has nothing to do with the illegal armed group that has taken over part of the property officially under ownership of Dinant Corporation. The existence of the armed group is used to discredit the legitimate struggles of the peasant movement.  watch this video.

Protests in Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS – January 26, 2019 (video)

Violent repression of countrywide protests on the one-year anniversary against the illegitimate government of Juan Orlando Hernández in Honduras, on January 26, 2019.  watch this video.