As a staff member at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) at the University of British Columbia, I perform my work to support the Centre’s vision and mission.

CTLT’s Vision

CTLT is a transformative educational services partner to the UBC Community.

CTLT’s Mission

CTLT advances scholarly and innovative approaches to teaching, learning, curriculum and educational teahnology within and across UBC’s diverse disciplinary and cultural contexts.


Specifically, I provide educational development programs and services that support professional growth in areas such as teaching and learning skills development, classroom climate and inclusivity, course redesign, educational technology implementation and reflective practice.

I respond to and support individual faculty members who may want to advance their initiatives in teaching and learning or have difficulty in their teaching. I strive to foster collegiality among faculty members to create a culture of teaching excellence across campus.

I actively identify good teaching practices on campus and invite practitioners to share their experiences with the rest of the teaching community. I strive to facilitate candid conversations where challenges and obstacles are surfaced, while offering practical strategies that can be readily be implemented in classrooms.

I react promptly to requests from faculty members, meeting their immediate needs while building a trustworthy relationship so that we can engage in deeper conversations in the future.



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