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Great Bridge Building Game – Smart-Kit Puzzles and Games


Rediscovering the Forgotten Benefits of Drawing ~ Scientific American

“Drawing is merely making lines and dots on paper. If you can write your name, you can draw. But we all take shortcuts when we see; often our brains fool us, and we skip over most visual details. Since some species of dragonfly can only be distinguished from others by the vein patterns in their wings, skipping details is not an option. If you wish to differentiate fir and spruce trees, look carefully at how the needles attach to the twig. It’s all there – if you just look closely and precisely.”

2017 Global Student Conference “STEM and Entrepreneurship”

A virtual conference that is led by students from grades six to twelve. This conference is an annual event that began in 2014. Students are the speakers and presenters and share their knowledge and experiences related to the topic theme for the conference. The conference is supported through The Learning Revolution Project.




Discovery Education K-8 STEM


NOVA Education (videos)


Field Trip Earth – K-5 Resources


PhET Interactive Simulations


Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History 


Virtual Museum of Canada