The 40th anniversary of ALDO

From this past news, we knew that the famous Canadian shoes-brand is 41 years old now. ALDO is primarily a brand that sells shoes only. Now, it has explored its markets to bags and accessories.  Personally, I am interested in this brand so I want to explore more on this brand. The product it sells is not only shoes or accessories, but also a lifestyle to those trendy young girls and women. After comm101 class,  I am glad to share my analysis of Porter’s 5 forces for this brand.

The supplier power is low, because it is easy for the manufactures to get raw materials used for making shoes. The threats of substitutes is also low because nothing in the world can replace footwear. Furthermore, the buyer power is hard to decide because consumer loyalty is hard to build in this industry. The consumers only want pretty and trendy shoes no matter what brand is it. The threats of new entries is high due to the non-existence of barriers to entry in this industry. I mean it is easy to make shoes and sell them. However, the industry rivalry is quit high as there is lots of famous brand making shoes.

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