FiSH!’s Organizational Culture






After learning the importance of the culture to an organization, I found it quite interesting. Then I explored the organizational culture of the biggest fish market, Pike Place Fish Market.

From my opinion,  It is an amazing company that different from other fish-selling companies in the world. I think the secret of its success is its outstanding organizational culture. Pike Place Fish Market has been a famous place of interest in north America. If you had ever been there, you must be moved by the positive energy and enthusiasm from their employees. Here is a video of it.  The employees sell not only fishes, but services. The employees are serving people, to make their customers have a happy and wonderful experience while buying fishes. They invite consumers to play with them together. The organizational culture for them is to playing while working. The employees do not treat working as suffering, but to enjoy it. The employees enjoy being at work because they are motivated not only by extrinsic factors such as money, but by intrinsic factors as well.

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