Seminar Questions

Questions for Carpentier:

1) Why are we seeing this story largely through the perspective of Ti Noel?

2) Think about the buildings, and statues.What role does the material play in this story?

3) Compare this text to Trouillot’s text from last week. Jon spoke of the vocabulary of speech and silence versus the vocabulary of visible and invisible. How are the two related?

4) How is this story written? How does time operate in the story? How does the narrator operate? How does perspective operate?

Questions for Hobbes:

1) why all the definitions?

2) What would a conversation between Hobbes and Kant look like?

3) Does Hobbes believe humans have free will? How would Hobbes read Antigone?

4) What would a conversation between Hobbes and Plato look like?



Questions for Doctor Faustus:

How does free will work in this play? Or, to put the matter another way, is Dr. Faustus free to repent?

Why does Dr. Faustus speak of himself in the third person?

What role (if any) does knowledge play in this play?

What role (if any) does pleasure play in this play?

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