Northanger Abbey (?)

So I did not realize that this week was my week to blog so here is another post from yours truly.

Let me start off by saying that Macs are very hard to work with and I deleted this post 100x before publishing this (accidentally). Anyway, I used to collect Jane Austen books as a high school student and although I started the books “Emma”, “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility”, I found Austen’s texts really hard to get into. The only book I really “finished” was “Pride and Prejudice” because I’ve seen it so many times in theatres that it was easy enough to follow along. That being said, I was really dreading reading Northanger Abbey and afraid that I would hate it. 

Was I ever wrong.

Northanger Abbey is probably the easiest text to read (so far) for me and I got into it pretty quickly. I loved Austen’s style of writing in this book and found it a lot easier to visualize the story and follow along. I like how she added a gothic tone to her traditional romantic story; this made it a lot easier to read.

After reading this book, I realized that Catherine is a little different than the usual Austen character. Although she was plain and mousy and was not like any other girl (like a lot of Austen’s characters in other books), I liked how she was curious and suspicious about the place she was living in. I felt like Catherine had a real personality so it was easier to relate to her and picture the scenes.

I like how different this text was from Austen’s other works and how the book was funny, romantic, gothic, and altogether very well written.

Anyway, I want to know what everyone else thinks of this book and things they want to discuss! Maybe ill actually talk about this book in class because I just really liked it!

So before this entire post accidentally gets erased , tata for now.


back to monologue memorizing.

– joc, xoxo

One thought on “Northanger Abbey (?)

  1. Hi Jocelyn:

    Sorry for the late comment–I often do all my comments when I read the blog posts on Tuesdays, so if there are posts after that I don’t get to them for awhile.

    Too bad you had to miss class on Friday, because maybe we would have heard from you in class! Oh well, hopefully sometime soon.

    I like that you pointed out how Catherine is both curious and suspicious about her surroundings. She seems new to many of the manners and customs of the society she enters in Bath, and yet she doesn’t just automatically take them up because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do. She keeps a mind of her own and is suspicious and questioning of what others are doing and saying. That’s a good thing to point out; I’m not sure we really got into that in class. We tended to talk more about her as a kind of mousy character, as you put it. But she also doesn’t just bow down to how others are acting; rather, she keeps to her own principles.

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