Lab 3: Planning for a Tsunami/ Storm Surge

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1. List the healthcare and educational facilities within the Vancouver danger zone, if any, and explain how you came up with your answer.

There weren’t any educational or healthcare facilities that fell within the danger zones. I came up with this answer by creating a layer using the intersect tool. My input layers were the danger zone and health care and education facilities. The two layers combined to create a layer of only the parts that intersected, resulting in an attribute table of the healthcare and educational facilities that intersect with the danger zone. I then proceeded to look at the attribute table for the educational and healthcare facilities that intersected with danger zone.

2. Provide a one or 2 sentence discussion of any potential risk to the new site for St. Paul’s Hospital.

Currently the new site for St.Paul’s Hospital is sitting within the danger zone. This means that if a tsunami were to hit, the hospital would be affected.

Map of Vancouver’s danger zones:

Lab 3 PDF

Danger zone of St Paul’s Hospital’s new location:



Accomplishment Statements
1. Gained working knowledge on the function of the editor tool bar through drawing multiple polygons on the map to represent different features.
2. Developed skills on the use of analysis tools in ArcMaps through creating buffer zones around shorelines to display danger areas.
3. Gained knowledge on the use of the intersect tool by intersecting two layers together resulting in an attribute table with the features that fall within each other’s boundaries.
4. Extracted specific attributes from a data set by using the select by location tool, resulting in a layer that shows the attributes of the data wanted.