My term as editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics finished on December 31, 2017.

UBC has a policy that faculty supervisors of graduate students must have funding in place before a M.Sc. or Ph.D. graduate student can be accepted into a UBC graduate program. I currently have no funding to support in-coming graduate students or post-doctoral fellows. In addition I am currently not considering requests to supervise/host graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting faculty members, etc. who have their own source of funding.

Working Paper

Vercammen, J. “Information Rich Wheat Markets in the Early Days of COVID-19
(see below for published version of this paper)
Covid19-Wheat Market Vercammen

The other papers in the COVID-19 CJAE Special Issue can be found at:

Vercammen, J. “Hedging Agricultural Commodities: A Structural Analysis”
Commodity_Pricing_July2020  (renamed “Backwardation and Contango in Commodity Futures Markets”)
Contango_backwardation_commodities (posted June, 2021)

Journal Articles

Vercammen, J. “Information Rich Wheat Markets in the Early Days of COVID-19”, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Special Issue, forthcoming ( )

Vercammen, J. “The Dynamics of Farm Investment in Environmental Public Goods and Beneficial Management Practices”, CAES Fellows Address, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming (March, 2019).

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