greetings fellow members of the greatest and most illustrious arts one seminar! there are some things that I cannot talk about without sounding utterly pretentious – model united nations, the history of the British monarchy, film (who says film? – just call it a MOVIE) and myself. I feel like Plato will probably be included in this category. hopefully by this point you know that my name is Ariela, I am steadily approaching coffee addiction and I love to sleep. unsurprisingly, I love to read, write and argue with other intelligent people about whatever thought strikes me at any given time. oh I also am strongly opposed to capitals and punctuation. except in essays. I don’t have a definitive idea of what I want to major in or pursue as a career, maybe history, poli. sci, international relations, English lit. don’t really know. which is why I am also taking intro to poli. sci. this year and Arabic. for those of you who are like, wait that’s slightly random – well, umm no, it actually isn’t. Arabic is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world today usually tied with Hindi if you count Wikipedia as a reliable source. Since I am potentially interested in pursuing foreign affairs and international relations, a language is kinda a necessity. and I’m very interested in the Middle East – politics, history, culture etc. oh, and I speak Hebrew fluently and they are soooooooo similar. Most importantly, I am really excited to study such a diverse and interesting selection of the Western Canon with this group; I can tell that we will have no shortage of debates this. it’s sure to be good. so I think that that was moderately less pretentious then it could have been, and trust me it could have been a lot worse.


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