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Hey everyone,

I’m sorry for the delay in writing up a new blog post. I had a few down along the pipeline, but with lectures starting and life in Tokyo starting to settle in, it’s been a bit difficult for me to sit down and pump something out. Writing this blog, for me, is like having a conversation with someone at home – except that the conversation is kind of one-sided. If anything I write prompts you guys to respond, I hope that you do so through one avenue or another. It reminds me to “keep it real” – not to take myself too seriously, and to remember that wherever I am, there are people at home who love, support, and are praying for me, and (as per Joshua 1:9 and my Instagram post) my God “will be with me wherever [I] go.”




Lectures are in full swing here at Keio. After a somewhat harrowing course registration process (I was chatting with my friend from rival school Waseda, where the process is largely the same, and with regards to the process back home and not getting your classes, she said, “That’s so stressful!”), I ended up taking courses in Japanese linguistics, early modern history and literature, and religious thought. Everyone says school is supposed to be easy, and it really could be when lecture consists of 90 minutes of the prof delivering information. (The girl behind me in one of my lectures was fully asleep the entire time.) But of course I have a language barrier (regardless of its size) to take into consideration, and I really, really want to get this content down. Sometimes I don’t really know what to do when I’m caught between hanging out with new friends, trying to read the one-too-many books I’ve bought, or trying to work through content that sometimes really is a little over my head. I’m hoping I’ll get the swing of it soon.



Church family at home, please be assured that I am being blessed beyond anything I could have expected. There’s so much I want to tell you about my church here – the worship is superb, for both the musicians and the congregation; the fellowship is warm and welcoming; there are so many opportunities I’ve found through the church’s different ministries – Bible study, dance ministry, on-the-spot interpretation, you name it – that have profoundly touched me and made me grateful to be here, grateful for the support network of fellow believers I don’t know what I’d do without. I’m even more excited to know that God is turning your eyes and hearts toward this country. I’m waiting in anticipation, and striving every day so I can bring good news back to you.



The caliber of training here is so very high. I’m going to my church’s Gospel dance workshop every Tuesday night, organized by a friend from church, and being exposed to a lot of different styles. There are still a few studios on my list I need to hit, but there are so many opportunities for training that I really, really want to take – would appreciate some prayer for that.



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