My Casual Reflections While Taking Arts One: Remake/Remodel

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Post Seminar Thought

Well actually I had an underdeveloped version of this thought during seminar, but I wasn’t really sure of what I was trying to say. I got it while waiting for the bus though and I thought I’d just post it. In response to Andrew’s question about motifs such as light and dark and the blurriness […]

Fingers Crossed

I feel that these days I don’t personally experience many conscious feelings of being an Other in relation to men. Maybe men and women are becoming more equal in general. Maybe it’s because I’m around progressive people most of the time. I’m lucky I’m sure, as most of us are, to be living where I […]


I can see where Burke is coming from. Revolution is chaotic, passionate, and perhaps infectious — he didn’t want the English to break away from their customs in a similar manner, but rather, in a cautious way with not too much change to challenge how things usually are. But sometimes there needs to be radical […]

Sex, Society, Power, etc.

It may well be that we talk about sex more than anything else…It is possible that where sex is concerned, the most long-winded, the most impatient of societies is our own. 33 Yep, we care a whole lot about sex. When I picked up Foucault’s History of Sexuality, I thought he would be discussing the […]

Everything, Sexual.

I knew of the Oedipus/Electra complexes before this and they’ve always made me uncomfortable, as well as the castration/penis envy. I don’t have memories of blaming anyone for my “castration” — would kids even think of this to begin with? I guess I wouldn’t remember, but, really? Freud would probably think my discomfort says something […]

Silencing the Past

In history there are events that occurred and the events that are recorded. I do agree that parts of reality become silenced in the process of documenting history. There are a range of factors : who wrote it, why did they write it, etc. Even if they aren’t obviously biased, most people write through their […]

Springs, Strings, Wheels, and Government

I find Hobbes’ defence of materialism interesting. He doesn’t allow room for the existence of things that aren’t exclusively physical in nature, such as supernatural beings. So what about God? He’s “incorporeal” because his attributes aren’t something the human mind can comprehend. Okay, but then what about the human mind? He equates humans to biological […]

Tsk, tsk. Faustus.

How does an intelligent person come to the conclusion that making a deal with the devil is a good idea? It’d be great to have magical powers, I agree, but I would I take up a blood oath with the greatest evil in the world? No. What happened to his sensibilities? Is he so blinded […]


Forgive me, I took a break to read the Bacchae* and just missed midnight! Our master was in despair. We obeyed him and looked inside. We saw her down at the tomb’s end, hanged by the neck, a noose made from her linen robe; and him, his arms around her waist; bewept his bride and […]

Hello Arts One!

Greetings! I’m Kathy, and I hope that in my attempts to maneuver my way through the texts, I won’t leave these posts as pure recordings of my stream of consciousness, and that I’ll be able to edit myself — otherwise they’ll be a pain to read. I took up Arts One sort of on a […]

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