Hello Arts One!

by kthai


I’m Kathy, and I hope that in my attempts to maneuver my way through the texts, I won’t leave these posts as pure recordings of my stream of consciousness, and that I’ll be able to edit myself — otherwise they’ll be a pain to read.

I took up Arts One sort of on a challenge and a whim, and although I was somewhat apprehensive, there was a large part of me that really liked the idea of the interdisciplinary course and the Remake/Remodel theme in particular. It’s barely been a month, but I’m glad I’m here.

I’m interested in a multitude of things, as I’m sure all of you are, and I look forward to getting to know all of you on some level (: Er, I suppose I’ll let you know about some of these things I’m interested in…I enjoy writing creatively (but also generally creating any type of art), I have a fondness for British culture, musicals make me extremely happy (and I’ve been in a couple), and I longboard to the grocery store to buy baking supplies. My thoughts can sometimes be clumsy when speaking (they’re usually better on paper or after I’ve had time to think) so I won’t be joining improv club anytime soon, and I tend to get nervous when pressured — but let’s hope that changes as I tentatively crawl out of my comfort zone with each new university experience.

Ask me about stuff, I will ask you about stuff.

That’s all for now,