Graduate Students

I work with students whose interests focus on regulatory and policy processes, the politics of expertise, political identity, and the ethnographic method. The list below is illustrative of the kinds of thesis and dissertation research I supervise or co-supervise.  These projects are grounded in political geography and related fields, but they are often highly interdisciplinary. If you are interested in working with me, please send me your CV and a description of your interests.

Supervisor or co-supervisor (last ten years only)

Yupeng Chen, MA in Geography. Interests: Arctic governance, policy processes, China.

Emi Kingan, MA in Geography. Interests: Urban infrastructure, flood management, urban and regional planning.

Jose Carvajal, MA in Geography. Interests: climate change, expertise, the Arctic.

Clea Harrison, MA in Geography (co-advisor with Daniel Hiebert). Interests: political identity, social activism.

Michael Pinkard, MA in Geography (co-advisor with Luke Bergmann). Interests: the production of scientific and bureaucratic knowledge, quantitative method, politics of expertise.

Maria Cervantes, PhD in Geography (co-advisor with Elvin Wyly). Interests: digital geographies, political identity, high-skill migrants.

Alexine Sanchez, MA in Geography. Interests: military base closures, urban real estate, policy processes.

Maria Cervantes, MA in Geography (continued on for PhD and listed again above for that reason). Interests: digital geographies, political identity, high-skill migrants.

Sherry Yang, PhD in Geography (co-advisor with Elvin Wyly). Interests: policy processes, urban and regional planning, climate policy, Canada.

Natasha Fox, PhD in Geography (co-advisor with Jim Glassman).  Interests: policy processes, disaster response, gender, Japan.

Colin Sutherland, MA in Geography, Interests: geopolitics, tourism, resources, Canadian Arctic.

Genevieve Parente, PhD in Geography (co-advisor with David Ley). Interests: migration, security, Arctic regions, policy processes.

Duncan Ranslem, MA in Geography, Department of Geography. Interests: identity construction, policy, European Union.

Emilia Kennedy, PhD in Geography, Interests: policy processes, carbon capture as a political technology.

Alan Grove, MA in Geography (co-advisor with Matthew Evenden). Interests: Arctic sovereignty, security, shipping.

Supervisory or examining committees 

I serve on graduate advisory committees for students whose interests touch on political geography and international relations, policy processes at multiple scales, identity, diplomacy, and state power.