The overall goal of the research in our lab is to explore novel therapies and mechanisms through which to improve functional recovery after spinal cord injury. Our research aims to better understand the human motor system so that we may better inform the development and advancement of rehabilitation interventions for people who with neurological injury.

The research we conduct in our laboratory often spans multiple disciplines and incorporates biomechanical, neurophysiological, and neuroengineering techniques. In the past, we our laboratory primarily explored novel approaches to gait rehabilitation based on principles of motor learning and locomotor adaptability. Over the years, we have expanded to examine how locomotion may provide opportunities to examine other phenomenon including visual sensorimotor integration, proprioception, evidence for spared descending neural pathways, and balance. Our most recent research interests include the role of rehabilitation therapies, such as pelvic floor training and nerve stimulation, to alleviate bladder dysfunction symptoms for those with spinal cord injury.

Our laboratory also collaborates with a number of laboratories and researchers from ICORD, UBC’s School of Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University, and GF Rehabilitation Centre.


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