Sixth Meeting: Mignolo, November 20, 2012

We had another small but lively discussion at our last meeting, where we read a couple of chapters from Fernando Enrique Cardoso and Enzo Faletto, Dependency and Development in Latin America

For our next meeting, on November (in the Liu Institute, 10am-12noon), we will be reading a text chosen by Magdalena Ugarte: “‘Latin’ America and the First Reordering of the Modern/Colonial World”, chapter two from Walter Mignolo, The Idea of Latin America. Oxford: Blackwell, 2005. 51-94.

This will be our last meeting this autumn. For our January meeting, Tal has volunteered to pick something; she is going to think about what she wants us to read.

In the meantime, the group also agreed to co-sponsor the upcoming visit of members of Argentina’s Colectivo Situaciones to Vancouver.

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