The Ends of Latin America’s Left Turns


We had a great session at SFU today. Thanks to all that attended and participated. Let’s continue and open new lines of discussion this Wednesday, 7th at our Liu Mixer. Everyone is welcome

Hope to see you there.



December 5, 2016, 9am-6:30pm

After two decades of ascendancy across Latin America, left-wing parties and movements are in retreat. Electoral defeats, corruption scandals, and economic crisis have put paid to what once seemed a Utopian moment for progressive forces. This one-day workshop evaluates the ebbing “pink tide” and looks to the region’s future as the right-wing returns.

 With Jon Beasley-Murray (UBC), Max Cameron (UBC), Efe Can Gürcan (SFU), Alexander Dawson (SFU), Leslie Elliott Armijo (SFU), Renato Francisquini (Santa Catarina), Eric Hershberg (American U), Gerardo Muñoz (Princeton), Gerardo Otero (SFU), Fabio Resmini (UBC), Dominique Rumeau Castellazzi (UBC), Zaraí Toledo Orozco (UBC), Alejandro Velasco (NYU), and others.

Room 2050, SFU Harbour Centre, 515 W Hastings Street


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