Timetable: TuTh, 9:30-11am, Ponderosa Commons 1002

  • You should write and publish your blog post each week on Monday evening.
  • You should write comments on your classmates’ blog posts by the Thursday class.
  • You should be checking and contributing to Wikipedia every week.

week 1: introduction

week 2: Ruiz de Burton

week 3: Ruiz de Burton

week 4: Paredes (no class Thursday)

week 5: Paredes

week 6: Thomas

week 7: Thomas

week 8: mid-term examination

week 9: Anaya

week 10: Anaya

March 12: Wikipedia good article nomination due

week 11: Cisneros

week 12: Luiselli

March 26: Wikipedia featured article candidacy due

week 13: Luiselli

week 14: conclusions

April 9: final paper due