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The Lessons in Ecology and Evolution FUNdamentals (LEEF) program with Let’s Talk Science UBC recruits graduate student and postdoc volunteers to present approximately one-hour ecology and/or evolution lessons to local Kindergarten to Grade 12 students.

This program runs from October to May and brings together teachers and researchers for science outreach to classrooms. Students will be paired with one teacher from a grade level they are comfortable with. The lesson topic is selected with input from the partner teacher and is often related to the student’s area of research.

Student volunteers go to the classroom to deliver the lesson. Alternatively, the lesson can take place outside on or near the school grounds, or combined with a class field trip (e.g., to Beaty Biodiversity Museum).


The total time commitment is 10 to 20 hours over the school year and includes:

  1. Wednesday October 20th 2021 at room 224 Biodiversity Research Center: Volunteer orientation
  2. Wednesday November 17th 2021 5-6 pm at room 224/225 Biodiversity Research Center: Instructional training, and featuring Beaty Biodiversity Museum workshop!
    Free pizza with registration (email
  3. December 2021 – February 2022: creation of your module
  4. January/February 2022: Check-in and feedback session regarding your modules
    (Workshop 3)
  5. February – May 2022: Go into the classroom and present your module!
  6. Volunteering with Beaty Biodiversity Museum’s Nature Club (First Saturday of each month). This is optional but recommended to help LEEF secure our yearly funding.

If you cannot make it to workshops, you can still volunteer! Let us know, and we’ll catch you up.


Please create an account in the Let’s Talk Science Portal and log your lesson delivery. This helps us track participation and obtain funding.

LEEF will reimburse students for up to ~$20 per lesson for supplies. Travel stipend (e.g., car mileage or car share costs) will be determined once Let’s Talk Science allows in-person visits again (Hopefully in the new year of 2022).  Reimbursement details will be provided during training workshops. Note that expenses over $20 will need to be approved in advance by the coordinators.

Lesson Planning Resources

Check out our Lesson Planning Resources to help you plan your lesson:

Interested in volunteering with LEEF?

Go to our Registration page for details
and fill out the form for student volunteers before November 24th 2021.