Row, Row, Row Your Apples!

Executive summary

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What? These past months have been an amazing experience of collaboration with our community partner, the Gambier Island Sea Ranch. This journey has been filled with ups and downs, but we made it! As a group we made it a priority to reflect on our progress and adapt our approach in working with the community for the duration of the project. In the midst of researching and compiling the apple varieties, I personally found that it was a valuable opportunity to gain an appreciation with the specific purposes of different…read more

Strategies for a graceful dismount

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Weekly objectives + achievements: We had our planned Skype meeting with our community partner this week to discuss the direction for our project since so far there hasn’t been a lot of interest in the oral history component of our project. Fortunately, she did have a few people contact her with information regarding the history of the GISR and potentially the island’s orchards. Using the information our community partner has passed onto us, our objective for this week is to research into the community members names and bits of history…read more

Project progress: Part two

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What? Weekly objectives + achievements: This week I went to the Apple Festival at the UBC Farm to seek the advice of experts on identifying the apples.  As we mentioned in our last post, we were hoping to identify the heritage apple varieties we collected from the Gambier Island Sea Ranch orchard. I brought 6 apples to the festival for identification; unfortunately, some of the other apple samples were in poor condition and had to be composted due to the time since collection or possibly due to rough handling. Representatives…read more

Project progress

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Achievements + weekly objectives This is Terry of group 3 writing today. I’ll be giving everyone a progress report on our project thus far. Last week we presented our project proposal to our class and completed the written project proposal. The feedback we received from our instructors was quite positive, and we managed to get some useful tips for resources from the course instructor Will. We’re certain our project won’t suffer from scope creep because we’ve realized that in our 10 weeks left in this semester, we can’t afford to spread…read more

Let’s do this!

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Apples, apples, pears…  At first glance, our group may seem very different (see here!) – but once we were able to delve deeper and get to know each other a bit better we found that we actually had a lot in common. Terry might be really into agriculture and urban farming, while Caecilia is interested in farm-to-fork processes, and Cheryl hopes to discover natural properties of food; however, we realized we are all interested in the community aspect of food and also learning more about where our food really comes…read more

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