Although each member of our group originates from a different major, we all have one goal in mind for our community project, and that is to work together to improve the food security in the community while having fun and gaining memorable experiences. Learn more about the individuals that make up group 14 below!

Meet Group 14!

McCoy is a 4th year Food, Nutrition and Health major who has a keen interest in providing safe food options through creative mediums. He has a passion for nutrition education conveyed through the principles of accessibility and self-determination.

Shara is a 3rd year Food Nutrition and Health major. She has a passion for food literacy and informing the younger generation about food sustainability. She is also interested in food composition and food safety .

Diane is a 3rd year Nutritional Sciences major who has a very strong interest in food safety and understanding the complex nature behind the various reactions that occur in food. She is also interested in manipulating food composition and creating healthy innovative food products.

Karly is a 3rd year Applied Plant and Soil Sciences major who is passionate about sustainable agriculture for soil health, nutritional anthropology, and the role of food as a part of cultural identity and a means of building community relationships.