Welcome to the home page of LFS 350’s group 6! We are a small group of three UBC students who are collaborating with the¬†Young Agrarians of Canada to create an environmental impact dashboard to measure the climate impact of new farmers. Below is a brief description of our members:


DSC_1073Laura MacTaggart is a 3rd year UBC student in the Global Resource Systems program. She is very interested in environmental issues related to climate change and resource use and is focusing her studies on Conservation and Environmental Sciences in North America. When she isn’t at school, she plays volleyball for the UBC Thunderbirds and enjoys bird watching and exploring the outdoors.

jeslineJesline Felicia Rahardjo is a 4th year UBC student in the Food Sciences program. She is very passionate about studying and solving issues which relate food and sustainability. While Jesline loves these topics, she also appreciates taking time to get out and explore nature. Her favorite outdoor activities include hiking, river rafting and horseback riding.

hadasHadas Haft is a 4th year student in the Bachelor and Masters in Management dual degree program and is majoring in Nutritional Sciences. Hadas hopes to one day work to increase community food security through the creation of programs that teach about nutrition and healthy eating as well as the importance of obtaining food from environmentally and socially sustainable food sources. Apart from her busy school schedule, Hadas is the mother of a beautiful 2 year-old girl with whom she loves to share her passion for healthy eating and cooking.