2 thoughts on “The Magicians TV Series

  1. Thanks for the TV tidbit, Chelsea. Turning The Magicians into a series could be awesome or truly dreadful. I was really hoping for a movie, or maybe something on HBO (their treatment of Game of Thrones has thus far been quite good). Can’t say I trust FOX to do this justice, tho.

  2. Thanks for the post! I was one of the people doing this novel for our lit circle, though I can’t say that I really think this will make a good TV show. It really depends on how they do it, but I can’t help feeling like with all the drinking and substance abuse and everything that happens in this book it’ll turn out more like Gossip Girl than what it really is in the novel. And it kind of lacks a plot for a lot of it, so that might be difficult to translate to TV. Hopefully it will be good though!

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