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Things I Love Thursday


great background music: John Butler Trio’s ‘Ocean’

Lunar New Year celebrations • egg salad sandwiches • tangyuan • putting up paper decorations for the new year • calling home • seeing a good friend for the first time in a month • hearing Chinese again • the steady flow of baked goods that come into the office • people who share awesome events and articles of interest • mandarin oranges • my Res Advisor for leaving chocolate chip cookies on my door for LNY — they were magical and completely consumed in one sitting

to everyone who hasn’t heard it yet: Happy Year of the Dragon!

Things I Love Thursday


newest British singer on my radar: Charlene Soraia covering The Calling’s ‘Wherever You Will Go’

lucking out on featured presenters at the SLC • the Neglected Global Diseases Initiative • the marvellous little space heater lent to me by the office • my very long, very red scarf • successfully catching snowflakes in your hand • Peking duck • 高丽豆沙 • achieving financial independence (yes!) • finding a new direction for postgrad • finishing a gruelling novel • the brilliant burst of winter sunshine after any kind of precipitation • dancing for three and a half hours • the amazing people who organized and attended the Mental Health Networking Event • tracing patterns in the snow

over the next few days, I hope to start writing posts on my current co-op work term experience, as I think that might be useful to students who are wondering what a work term might look like

Things I Love Thursday

running another (and last!) successful training weekend • my very nerdy Forgotten English word-a-day calendar • the view from my office window • morning walks • blue skies and green cedars • French onion soup with cheesy bread • making others happy • the warmth of my down parka • listening to the guitar late into the night

it’s easy to sing hakuna matata — what a wonderful phrase!

Things I Love Thursday

bunny rests on owner's lap

The Daily Bunny = Happiest Site Ever

new calendars • my beautiful, fresh 2012 Moleskine planner • being given a gift of chocolates from Chocolate Arts • writing essays to the top tunes of 2011 on the radio • iTunes’ 12 Days of Giveaways (totally free!) • beginning my lovely new job • focaccia bagels and soup from Bernoulli’s • the smell of earth after a good downpour • my brother for carting stuff around for me whenever I need them

I’m so glad it’s a new year — Happy 2012!

Things I Love Thursday

bunny sleeping in hand

I love bunnies

snow on the mountains • picking up the Anastasia DVD for $5 at the Robson HMV closing sale • Guu with Garlic • downtown trees all lit up at night • buskers on Granville • the fun of adding an item a day to my Christmas wishlist • the Vancouver Aquarium (oh, many times over! seriously need to invest in a membership) • dolphins belugas sea otters • riding the miniature train during Stanley Park’s Bright Nights • free music on iTunes

practising the power of positive thinking to see how it helps me in getting better — with a dose of prescribed antibiotics on the side, ‘naturally’