Shane Koyczan

Now also known as ‘the Olympics poet’ from the opening ceremony, it’s much easier for me to rave about Shane Koyczan and have other people pick up on my enthusiasm.

Koyczan was the opening performance of the UBC Student Leadership Conference 2010, which was where I first heard him. Funny, witty, passionate, political, profound—he is all of these things, and I don’t think I could have had a better first encounter with performing poetry. Since then, I’ve been slowly looking up new places and events to haunt so I can get more of it.

I was raving about him the other day to someone who didn’t recognise him at all, however, and ended up digging up an old YouTube playlist of his performances.

I believe in sharing good things. So here they are (in a particular order!):

(Please note the following program continues elements of strong language and mature content. Parental guidance should be provided.)



“Stop Signs”
“The Crickets Have Arthritis”
“Move Pen Move”
“This is My Voice”
“Grandma’s Got It Going On”

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