Things I Love Thursday

Up late, but surprisingly happy about this for once. Why not write my Thursday post while I’m awake and remembering these moments?

♥ I smell like peanut butter and sugar. I spent most of my evening baking cookies for a potluck tomorrow, and as presents for friends.

♥ My new job gives me a great amount of satisfaction, even when I’m busy catching my own editing mistakes.

♥ I listen to Yiruma’s website sometimes, especially when I’m doing homework, as it has a stream of music playing and I can’t listen to vocals while thinking.

♥ It’s still sunny these days.

♥ Seriously, baking makes me so happy and destressed, I’m considering making Wednesdays my baking nights.

♥ My brother brought me food to last my next three meals last night. Good food from Shota Sushi, too.

♥ I got to see a friend I hadn’t hung around with much lately, last night. And another friend for dinner tonight. So it was good to catch up with them.

♥ I finished ALL my readings for tomorrow and feel ridiculously proud of this.

♥ I’m just happy. And that’s the best feeling, isn’t it?

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