This is the final exhibit and online repository for the course, LIBR 588: Theory and Practice of Oral History, in the School of Information at the University of British Columbia. The title of this exhibit, “Listening to the Earth” is a call to answer the question: “How might we preserve stories about organisms for future generations?”. Students in the course interviewed nine experts and scientists and asked them about their favourite organisms. What results are nine interviews that examine the interesting, funny, and sometimes sad, futures for these organisms.

What appears here are longer interviews that accompany a physical exhibit on a Museum in a Box – a non screen based digital museum learning tool. This will be installed on UBC campus in Fall 2020.

As you listen to the nine interviews here, we invite you to imagine what a world without these organisms might be like, and what stories you would share about animals and plants in order to preserve their memories.

Project Credits:
Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible:
Elizabeth Bassett
Lindsey Bennett
Erin Cox
Shelby Deglan
Elizabeth Edgerton
Eiman Elnoshokaty
Kai Geddes
Clara Gimenez Delgado
Emily Homolka
Reese Irwin
Ramona Litwinowich
Christina Mantey
Graeme Niedtner
Manfred Nissley
Derek Oxley
Ashlynn Prasad
Abi Sebaly
Natalie Trapuzzano



Dr. Douglas Altshuler
Dr. Alyssa Gehman
Dr. Scott Hinch
Dr. Claire Kremen
Dr. Zoe Panchen
Dr. Laura Parfrey
Dr. Loren Rieseberg
Dr. Curtis Suttle
Bruce Muir

Additional thanks to:

Eka Grguric, Digital Scholarship Librarian, UBC

Yukiko Stranger-Galey, Exhibits and Design Manger, Beaty Biodiversity Museum.

George Oates and Charles Cattel-Killick, Museum in a Box (

I can be reached at: hannah.turner(at)