Don’t Be a Stranger

What Is Loneliness Doing To Your Brain? by the Seeker

What Is Loneliness Doing To Your Brain?

Did you know loneliness is now considered an epidemic? Find out how it manifests in the brain and what you can do about it.

Posted by Seeker on Saturday, August 4, 2018

Chickens’ power to erase seniors’ loneliness

Nursing Home Chickens

Chickens are helping senior citizens fight loneliness in a major way ????

Posted by We Need This on Thursday, April 12, 2018

Revised version of ” The Stranger” – A potential to erase loneliness

The second version of "The Stranger" is updated here. This version has less images, but has English subtitle and reference information.  It seems I used a music piece that copyright attached to it.  As long as I do not earn money from this video and mentioned about the credibility of the music, it seems OK to use it.  Making a video is not only thinking about creativity, but also the law...

For strangers Dec4 ~ 21/17:YVR ⇄ Japan

Thank you for visiting this post in the blog!

This post is for people who come here because of my business card handed during my trip to Japan from Vancouver, BC.

I am curious how people feel about talking to strangers.  I appreciate if you can share your experience in the comment below.  If you do not want to share in public, please mentioned about it in your comment.  Your comment always comes to me first.  Your post does not automatically appear in this blog.

Thank you in advance!!

Talk to strangers activity – Dec 2/17

Hi M.Ed. Education for Sustainability classmates and post strangers!

How was your experience to talk to strangers?  For some people easy to do, for some people not at all..

It will be helpful if you leave a comment how you felt/what kind technique you used/what kind of surprise you got/if this activity gave you motivation to talk to strangers and etc.

* Your comments are not shown unless I, this blog manager, accept.  If you want to share your comment only with me, please mention “blog manager only” in your comment.  Otherwise, your comment will be shown in public.

Thank you very much for your participation!!