Listed below are some of the books and articles that I have either written or co-authored.


Foot Notes 2015
Foot Notes: Telling Stories of Girls’ Soccer. Published by Oolichan Books, May 2015.

Salal: Listening for the Northwest Understory
Salal: Listening for the Northwest Understory. Published by NeWest Press, Fall 2007.


The Arbutus/Madrone Files
The Arbutus/Madrone Files: Reading the Pacific Northwest. Published by NeWest Press, May 2002. US Edition from Oregon State University Press, September 2002.
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A Field Guide to "A Guide to Dungeness Spit"
A Field Guide to “A Guide to Dungeness Spit”. Published by Oolichan Books, 1997.
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Everyday Magic: Child Languages in Canadian Literature (University of British Columbia Press, 1991).
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Vertical Man/Horizontal World
Vertical Man/Horizontal World: Man and Landscape in Canadian Prairie Fiction (University of British Columbia Press, 1973).
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Journal Articles

“Twin Misunderstandings: The Structure of Patricia Blondal’s A Candle to Light the Sun,” Canadian Literature 84 (Spring 1980): 58-71.

“Never Cry Wolfe: Benjamin West’s The Death of Wolfe in Prochain Episode and The Diviners,” Essays on Canadian Writing 20 (Winter 1980-81): 171-85.

“Field Notes and Notes in a Field: Forms of the West in Robert Kroetsch and Tom Robbins,” Journal of Canadian Studies 17.3 (Fall 1982): 117-23.

“Dumb Talk: Echoes of the Indigenous Voice in the Literature of British Columbia,” BC Studies 65 (Spring 1985): 34-47.

“The Writing of British Columbia Writing,” BC Studies No. 100 (Winter 1993-94): 106-120.

Conference Proceedings

“Articulating Ecotopia,” To See Ourselves/To Save Ourselves: Ecology and Culture in Canada Canadian Issues Vol. 12 (Montréal: Association for Canadian Studies, 1991) 51-62.

“Obscured by Violence: Timothy Findley’s The Wars,” Violence in the Canadian Novel Since 1960, eds. Terry Goldie and Virginia Harger-Grinling (St. John’s: Memorial University, 1981) 125-37.

“The Majesty of His Loyal Apposition,” A Likely Story: The Writing of Robert Kroetsch New Quarterly 18:1 (Spring 1998): 61-69.

Chapters or Sections of Books

“Phyllis Webb, Daphne Marlatt and Simultitude,” Shirley Neuman & Smaro Kamboureli, eds. A Mazing Space: Writing Canadian Women Writing (Edmonton: Longspoon/Ne West Press, 1987) 205-215.

“Poetry,” Literary History of Canada, ed. W.H. New, 2nd ed., vol. 4, (Toronto: U Toronto Press, 1990): 3-45.

“Crossing Borders in the Literature of the Pacific Northwest,” Borderlands: Essays in Canadian-American Relations (Toronto: ECW Press, 1991): 286-308.

“Two Nations Own Three Islands: Border and Region in Pacific-Northwest Writing,” Camille R. La Bossière ed. Context North America: Canadian/US Literary Relations (Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 1994): 49-62.

(with Robert Bringhurst) “Robert Bringhurst’s ‘Sunday Morning’: A Dialogue, “Inside the Poem: Essays and Poems in Honour of Donald Stephes, ed. W.H. New (Toronto: Oxfor University Press, 1992): 88-100.